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planted in fertile soil, good garden maintenance and selection of superior seeds so that quality is maintained reaches your hands. that’s all we want to be recognized as a producer of spices with the best quality in Indonesia.

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Fresh Ginger

Ginger is a plant whose rhizome is often used as a spice and raw material for traditional medicine, a mixture of ingredients in cooking, and as the main ingredient in herbal medicine. 

As our effort to provide a broad market, we take from ginger farmers scattered in various regions in Indonesia. The ginger that we harvest has fulfilled several important criteria such as selecting good seeds, seeds from healthy and has no defect, and maintaining the age of planting from seedlings to harvest time. 

The size of the ginger that we plant is large and weighs up to 2 kilograms per rhizome.


Cinnamon is one type of spice that is often used as a mixture in the manufacture of food and beverages. 

Cassia cinnamon Original from Indonesia has the sweetest and softest taste compared to the other two types, so it is more popular and more often sold in the market.
The best Cassia Cinnamon can only be found in Indonesia, comes from Kerinci region.

Cassia cinnamon from Indonesia has a higher oil content and a more fragrant aroma. We cut into various sizes on request.


Who does not know this one spice? Clove is a native spice plant from Indonesia, the best quality cloves are spread from eastern Indonesia to western Indonesia. 

Cloves are used as an ingredient in the cuisine of countries in the Middle East and every country that has a strong spice taste.
In Indonesia, clove plants are grown in the lowlands near the coast or mountains.

We provide the best quality cloves for you, 5% moisture content and 20% oil content , original from Indonesia.

Dried chopped Taro Leaves

Taro beneng is an original commodity from Indonesia, precisely from the province of Banten. Not only the tubers, the leaves of taro beneng can also be used as a substitute for tobacco without nicotine in the cigarette industry and has penetrated the international market. We provide quality dried taro leaves with the best aroma for your company’s production needs.
Taro leaves that have been harvested go through the process of incubating, chopping and drying with the best method so as to get dried taro leaf products with the best aroma quality. there are 2 types of dried taro leaves that we provide, namely 1 time chopped and 2 times chopped with a stronger aroma.


White cardamom is a native commodity from our country which until now is widely cultivated on the island of Java. We prefer to cultivate local cardamom because the climate is suitable for cultivation, besides that white cardamom is much in demand in the Middle East and European markets. Apart from being a flavoring ingredient in white cardamom dishes, it is also loved in the pharmaceutical world.

some people in the united kingdom country call our cardamom the “Grains of paradise”


Nutmeg is a type of aromatic plant derived from the name of the “Genus Myristica”

Nutmeg commodity is a native plant originating from Indonesia which is still relied on as one of the spices in the interest of the export market. Nutmeg is spread in various regions in Indonesia such as the Banda Islands and the Maluku Islands. 

Each part of the plant than has a distinctive aroma. Therefore nutmeg has many benefits in the culinary world, herbal medicines and cosmetics.

Ginger Powder

In addition to fresh ginger, we also process ginger that we have dried and then we grind it into powder. Before we make it into powder we make sure the ginger is dry from the moisture content that has gone through the moisture measurement, then we pack it and we keep the temperature of the packaging.

Ginger powder is used as a practical ingredient in a mixture of various kinds of dishes and other mixed product preparations.

Dried Ginger Sliced

From selected fresh ginger through a washing process, and sliced and then dried in the sun until the water content is reduced. as other herbal benefits, dry ginger can be used as a pain reliever, diarrhea, indigestion.

As a herbal drink with warm water mixed with honey or other herbal and spice ingredients, alternative media for healing methods with herbal ingredients are still a popular trend among people.

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